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Welcome to SaveTheCenter.org

We are pleased to announce
that we have reached an
agreement with the

The City of Houston notifies The Center of plans to seize the West Dallas campus.

On March 23, 2007, Forest R. Christy, Jr., director of real estate with the City of Houston, wrote a letter to The Center notifying us that the City plans to sell the property we recognize as the “West Dallas campus,” located at 3550 West Dallas. The Center was asked to sign a short term lease of three years and agree to then leave the property.

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JACK MANNING - Board Member

“We have occupied the West Dallas property since 1963. When the City leased it to us for a term of 99 years, it was nothing but the remains of an abandoned tuberculosis hospital. The lease required us to build upon the property and provide services to the mentally retarded. Pursuant to the City’s requirement, we raised millions of dollars with the help of every major foundation in Houston to build the facilities we now occupy. With the assistance of every state and federal agency in the field, we have served thousands and thousands of Houstonians with mental retardation. Today 40% of people we serve are minorities and 63% are from families who live below the poverty line. The premises to be confiscated include Cullen Residence Hall which houses 182 residents, the workshop, the adult daycare center, the health center, all our office space, all our educational classrooms."

Make no mistake about it, if we lose this fight,
The Center, as we know it, will cease to exist.
We need your help.

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The Center: 3550 West Dallas, Houston, Texas 77019, 713 525 8400
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